About Us

Here at Lumi we are passionate about communities and sharing. We believe that by helping people connect. We can build stronger communities.

And we are lucky. Living and working in Norwich we are surrounded by a great skills and resources.  Access to both can make quite a difference to a group.  Not only does it get easier to deliver activities. But groups can save money that can be better spent elsewhere.

Then we looked at all the fantastic activities run by community groups in Norwich. Some you may know of and some you won’t. Did you know we have the Norwich Flyers who are BMX World Champions (World Champions!) meeting at Sloughbottom Park? Nope?  Neither did we!  

Maybe you have heard of Park Run and perhaps even had a go yourself. But did you know 1,300 Norwich residents regularly take part in an activity run purely by volunteers?  Just two great examples of community activities.

Lumi aims to simply shine a light on all these great things happening in our communities. Unlock access to the amazing skills in Norwich and give you the chance to connect share and get involved.

Sitting behind Lumi is Norwich City Council, maintaining the site to make sharing information and stuff possible.  We're keen that Lumi belongs to the City and the site works for you, after all everything you see on this site is run by the Norwich community.  So if there is a way that we can improve what it does drop us an email on lumi@norwich.gov.uk and let us know.

In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Grab your coat and discover exactly how awesome your local community is and get involved.

Oh and whilst you are at it. Why not dust off your stuff and get sharing too?