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Framingham Earl Walking Football team

A friendly, welcoming and inclusive walking football session

  • Organisation: Affiliated with Age UK Norwich
  • Contact: Ken O'Leary - 01508 558 507
  • Age group: 60 plus
  • 5 ways to wellbeing: Connect, Be active, Give
  • Cost: First taster session free then £3 per session
  • Availability: Saturday
  • Time: 9-10am
  • How to join: Just turn up
  • Location: Framingham Earl Sports Centre, Norwich Road, Framingham Earl, Norwich,

Walking Football is aimed specifically for people aged over 50 to keep them playing football if a lack of mobility or other issue prevents them from playing the traditional game. It is based on traditional football, however, it is a different sport with its own rules.

The main difference is that it is all played at walking pace (strictly no running!), it is non-contact (no dramatic tackles and falling to the ground) and no balls are allowed above head height. Although different skills are required walking football is equally exciting to both watch and play as traditional football.

Our fun, friendly, informal sessions are open to both men and women and we would especially like to welcome people who might not have engaged in physical activity for a while, who have an injury or disability or who have a long-term illness.

The first session is free of charge and each session is £3 from then on.