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Norfolk Clubhouse is a social enterprise founded in 2019 to promote positive mental health for those 18 years and upwards, providing opportunities for growth to access training, education and employment as well as being Members of a Community.

We are accepting new referrals from August 2020 from professionals and from individuals wishing to become Members. Please see our application form on our website under "Resources".

We have an 8 week online course, Growing Together for new Members which is free. We will meet on Zoom for this to discuss our ideas but the course may be accessed via our website prior to the Zoom meetings.

We aim to provide further online workshops for new Members to promote positive mental health, including an online Midweek MeetUp to grow a Membership Community in Norfolk and facilitate Members to access opportunities in the Community for education, training and employment if they so wish.

As we are online, we don't have a fixed location. We have a PO Box to send completed applications please:-
Norfolk Clubhouse
PO Box 3737

Organisation: Norfolk Clubhouse
Age groups: 18 to 25, 25 to 60, 60 plus
5 ways to wellbeing: Keep learning, Connect, Give, Be active, Take notice
Cost: Free
Availability: To be confirmed
Time: To be confirmed
How to join: Booking required

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