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Move your lifestyle to a lower carbon footprint with practical tips and the life-long experience of Lee Rose, home energy specialist and Norwich Eco Hero. Find out how to measure personal carbon emissions, food choices, transport and travel, home heating and power. Learn about consumerism, purchases, and offsetting.

Workshop host Lee Rose is a home energy specialist of around 20 years experience, having run his own renewable energy design installation and maintenance company. During that time he wrote two technical books on solar water heating, sat on industry technical groups writing the UK standards for solar water heating and photovoltaic installations, wrote training courses for public and industry engineers, and taught courses both locally and UK wide, including a five year spell as a visiting tutor at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.

Lee’s renewable energy company was run on ethical principles with a high degree of waste recycling, ethical banking, reduced carbon transport (Biodiesel for vans, surveys/site meetings using a bicycle or motorcycle where possible) and audited their carbon footprint. He also purchased a local woodland to help offset some of the company’s carbon emissions, harvest firewood for personal use from windfall trees, and has spent the past twelve years learning more about small woodlands, species and habitats.

In 2012-13 Lee won the Norwich Eco Hero award, and his company came Runner Up Installer of the Year at the UK Renewable Energy Association awards around that time.

Over the years, Lee has worked with leading edge heat pump technology, wood burners and biomass pellet boilers for homes. He has built electric bicycles, adapting non-electric to electric, refurbishing old electric bikes and making lithium battery packs for e-bikes and other projects. He also converted possibly the second known UK road licensed vehicle to include on-board solar energy, allowing it to self charge and drive, to some extent, independent from the electricity grid.

Organisation: Norwich Eco Hub
Age groups: 16 to 18, 18 to 25, 25 to 60, 60 plus
5 ways to wellbeing: Connect, Take notice, Keep learning
Cost: Free
Date: 2nd November 2021
Time: 7pm
How to join: Booking required
Location: The Murderers, 2-8 Timberhill, Norwich

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