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We’re getting serious about stress relief!
When people talk about relaxation, it often seems like something that we aren’t always able to fit into our busy schedules. In reality, relaxation can be one of the healthiest things to incorporate into your everyday life..
Daily stress can take a toll on both physical and mental health. Studies show that various forms of relaxation can help reduce many chronic health concerns as well as restore energy and encourage a more positive sense of self.
Harford Health & Wellbeing aim to provide a wellness platform from which to explore information you may need to be in charge of your own wellbeing.
Our Relaxation classes aim to provide a safe space to relax and restore, offering an extensive range of relaxation tools and techniques.

Organisation: Harford Community Centre
Contact: Office Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm - 0844 665 1034
Age groups: 18 to 25, Any age
5 ways to wellbeing: Take notice, Connect, Be active
Cost: from £2.50
Availability: Thursdays
Time: 6:45pm
How to join: Just turn up
Location: Harford Community Centre Hall Road Norwich

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