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We are opening the Silver Wellbeing Cafe starting on Wednesday 9th February 2022 from 12.30 midday-3.30pm.
We will have refreshments, seated activity once a month, housing officer once a month, Money adviser once a month and twice a month make meals with food from the foodbank and then seat and eat altogether.
A free parcel for people trying the recipes at home will be given out and recipes cards made and laminated for people attending the cafe at the rooms to take to try as well. We will also be doing arts and crafts every week.
We also want to help people who can not read letters coming in from different organisations and eventually help with CVs, and digital inclusion

Organisation: Silver Road Community Centre
Age groups: 18 to 25, 25 to 60, 60 plus
5 ways to wellbeing: Keep learning, Connect
Cost: £2.00 for refreshments
Availability: Wednesday 9th January
Time: 12-3pm
How to join: Just turn up
Location: Silver Road Community Centre

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