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Be a camerado & Saturday Spoon Room

Being a camerado means looking out for each other!

This is a movement of people popping up all across the UK and the globe who believe the best way through tough times is to be a camerado.

A camerado is halfway between a stranger and a friend, people just alongside each other, no fixing, no agenda, just there. They usually happen in Public Living Rooms, providing somewhere to go, relax, chat and look out for each other.  

The Spoon Room

The Spoon Room is camerado's awesome response to Covid, a fun way to connect, through Zoom, to be alongside other people and join a new community.  This is a fab way to help you get through tough times!

Spoon Rooms can be a local group, and some of camerado's public living rooms have shifted to spoon rooms.  Oh and did you know there are 4 public living rooms in Norwich?

If you want, you can set up your own Spoon Room for your community or just with a group of friends. There's loads of information and resources on their website with all the steps needed on setting up a Spoon Room, alongside video's to help you find out more.

Or and here's the exciting bit you can join their global Saturday Spoon Room - an amazing way to meet and connect with folk across the world.  To register for the next Saturday #SpoonRoom register here.

PS - forgive me for this cheeky entry that's a mixture of an activity and a resource, and could have easily just gone in the resource section. But it's so awesome we didn't want you to miss out!


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