Support for Parents: Get Me Out The Four Walls

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Get Me Out The Four Walls

Parenthood can be a very stressful, lonely and isolating experience at times which can cause the onset of various mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and postnatal depression. (PND)

Get Me Out The Four Walls tackles this loneliness by giving parents somewhere to go for some non-judgemental, like minded conversation and a chance to engage with others in the same situation.

This is achieved through volunteer “Ambassadors” who arrange social meets and events for parents to attend. All ambassadors are fellow parents who want to help and offer the “lived in”experience to members.

During Covid, GMOTFW is very aware you may need some extra support

With current events adding to our stress and anxiety levels, Referrals Co-ordinator Lucy is on hand to chat with anyone who may need guidance, support or just to chat about how we are feeling and offer some useful tips to help us deal with everyday life. These chats will be online sessions which will be held via video chat.

If anyone would like to request an online session with Lucy, please email and she will be in touch.

They are also having daily online chats over their closed Norfolk group so feel free to join them for those. We may not be out of our four walls but they are very much still here for you!  Get Me Out The Four Walls Norfolk 

Finally their private postnatal depression support group is open to parents to assist with their mental wellbeing and offers a safe, inclusive space to open up. The group is closely monitored and is a welcome place for all.

They also hold online support sessions with Referrals Co-Ordinator Lucy within this group.  So if you are in need of a friendly ear to listen, head over and request to join now: Get Me Out The Four Walls PND Group 

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