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The Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell has a fascinating history. It has been home to the first mayor of Norwich, a prison, a tobacco warehouse and a shoe factory. Now it’s a wonderful museum of Norwich life.

At the heart of the museum are the stories of Norwich people. Sometimes ordinary and sometimes extraordinary, they all helped to create the modern city.

There's flamboyant hatmaker Rumsey Wells, diarist Parson Woodforde, designer Thomas Jeckyll, as well as local girl Ethel George and Bridewell inmate Jane Sellers.

Listen to tales from the factory floor as workers help to bring the city's history to life, from its pioneering days to its more recent past.

The museum is packed with historic objects. Some are wonderfully weird - like the world’s first machine for knitting wire netting, a chocolate enrobing machine and a head measuring device for the most expensive caps in the world.

Others are technologically brilliant such as Colman's steam fire engine, a restored jacquard loom, world class Norwich shawls and over 200 locally made shoes.

Superb reconstructions take you back in time. Browse the archives in the 18th century coffee house, peek into the charming second world war house and be amazed by the antique jars and equipment in the amazing pharmacy.

2 notes for an Adult ticket
1 notes for a Child ticket

Cost: 2 notes

Time: Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 4.30pm
How to join: Just turn up
Location: Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell, Bridewell Alley, Norwich

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