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Norwich Notes is a new community currency rewarding people taking new steps in volunteering to support physical activities taking place in their communities.

This currency was launched on 22nd February and is part of a Sport England funded project launching in March 2019 for Norwich City Council supporting community organisations to develop stronger volunteer opportunities.

If you're a community organisation running physical activities in your neighbourhood then you could receive support from the project to grow your volunteer team. We are currently recruiting partner organisations where volunteers can earn Norwich Notes in Heartsease, West Earlham, Lakenham and Heigham Grove.

If you're new to volunteering and live in Heartsease, West Earlham, Lakenham, Mile Cross or Heigham Grove then you could be eligible to become a member of Norwich Notes to earn this currency for every hour you give to supporting a community organisation.

New volunteers will earn one Norwich Note for every hour that they give to supporting a community organisation which they can then spend doing something for themselves for an hour. We'll have all sorts to spend Norwich Notes on by the time we launch in March from concert tickets through to table tennis sessions.

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