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Grapes Hill Community Garden

  • Access: Drop-in
  • Location: off Grapes Hill, Norwich

The group initially aimed to bring together people living in the area by encouraging them to get involved and help turn an undeveloped and overgrown site into an area of beauty for the whole community to use.

The garden is now complete and has 9 deep raised beds that are allocated annually to local residents who have limited or insufficient space to grow their own vegetables.

Otherwise it is a beautiful amenity for local residents to sit in and relax or get involved in our regular task days, during which they can learn or share skills and get to know each other. The site is fully accessible with wheelchair access and some of the raised vegetable beds are designed for wheelchair users.

Over 50% of the vegetation growing in the garden is edible (not including the individually rented raised beds).

We believe we have succeeded in our aim to create a peaceful place for recreation, gardening, skill sharing, and water collection and composting.

There are regular task days that begin in the early Spring and continue into early winter. Volunteers join us twice a month for a couple of hours of garden maintenance including light weeding and occasionally more demanding tasks. Volunteers come to learn or share gardening skills; tools, tea and cake are always provided. The garden is in need of more gardening volunteers going forward - there is always more work to do than hands available! Volunteers enjoy good company and the chance to share their skills or learn new ones. The group can pay for regular volunteers to attend courses such as first aid, food hygiene, gardening courses etc.

The group holds several public events in the garden to raise funds but also to enhance social cohesion in the area by providing fun and entertainment for all age groups. We encourage new members to contribute ideas and attend our planning meetings. The group aims to be fully inclusive and this is supported by our equal opportunities and safeguarding policies. Free entrance is guaranteed at all events in the garden.

The group also hosts lottery funded workshops at least 4 times a year - These are free but donations are welcome.

Look out in the listings and on our website and Facebook page. We are always on the lookout for new members and active committee members. Everybody is welcome!

Annual membership starts from as little as £3 and is optional – anyone can visit the garden which is open every day of the year. Annual rental for raised beds starts from as little as £5.

Registered Charity Number 1156616.

The GHCGG is currently funded by the Big Lottery, Aviva Community Fund and the Paul Bassham Trust. It has received grants in the past from a range of sources often facilitated by the Norfolk Community Foundation. This means that we never have to charge entrance to events in the garden, but rely on donations from those who can afford to do so. No one should ever feel excluded from these activities due to income restraints.

Donations can be made via the website donations button or at our events.

Local businesses and organisations can sponsor the garden for as little as £50 a year and there is also a tree sponsorship scheme.

There are 2 mailing lists one for volunteers and one for general events and we encourage you to sign up.