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A collaboration of Mile Cross organisation's and folk passionate about our community.

Together we support and encourage the people to plan, develop and stage events or participatory projects for the benefit of the whole community.

Together we:

• Meet, share early stage ideas for events/projects in the community for which everyone’s participation is invited

• Build on each other’s ideas, suggest ways in which we /others we know, may play a role, or how an idea may link in with another activity

• Invite more members of the community into the conversation to develop, contribute to and enhance ideas for events/projects.

• Share skills and resources between each other for the benefit of all, expressing offers and needs.

• Look for sparks of interest or ideas expressed by anyone in the community and through our shared resources, seek to enable people to realise them

If you wish to join our happy collaboration of local organisation's and individuals, and get involved or help out with future events contact: simon@thecommonlot.org or call 07896 781574

Access: contact: simon@thecommonlot.org


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