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Trustee Positions Available at Norfolk Charity

  • Access: Referral needed

Norfolk Clubhouse is a social enterprise established in Norfolk in 2019 to support those aged 18 and over with mental health needs to belong to a sustainable community. The Clubhouse is based on the International Clubhouse Model of providing support to access positive opportunities which may include education, training and employment. However the main benefit of the Clubhouse is to provide a place to belong and return which is sustainable and where people take an active part in running the daily activities.

Please check out the advert for Trustees and if you feel you have some time and skills to offer then this may be the opportunity for you to shape and influence the project from the start and make a positive change to peoples' lives in Norfolk. We do not have a closing date on future applications, so do please contact us if you are interested in being part of the working group and/or a Trustee.

June Webb, Founder Trustee.