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Norwich's 100 Day Challenge

  • Access: Look out for opportunities on LUMi's Skills page

The Norwich 100 Day Challenge is about to start!

Do you want to learn how to turn your street’s gardens bee-friendly? Or how to grow veg on your estate and turn it into yummy dinners? How about learning more about first aid to stay safe, running a diverse community group or using social media to tell people about your projects?

Whatever you're interested in, we probably have a workshop for that, or we can find one. Whatever you want to learn about, we want to hear it!

Community Connectors will be out and about in Mile Cross, Lakenham, Heathgate, West Pottergate & Russell Street areas chatting to local residents about how they want to transform their neighbourhoods and green spaces, and what they need to do it.

If you live in one of these areas and have an idea, you can email us at too!

In response, we’re building workshops and exciting skill sharing opportunities that will be on offer over 100 days between March and May. The workshops and training sessions will be run in the above areas, but they are open to all Norwich residents.

There are even opportunities through small grants up to £300, available to those attending workshops who are economically inactive (e.g., students, people looking after family, dealing with illness that prevents work, those disabled, retired, or have been unemployed for 18 months or more). These will help attendees to start their own community projects, or to invest in further bespoke training.

What to do next?

Keep your eye on LUMi’s Skills page: all the opportunities will be entirely free and will be listed on LUMi’s skills page as soon as they become available.

Look out and get chatting to your local community connectors! For more info see their bios on the right.

Don’t see what you’re after? We can commission more workshops until May. Let us know what you’d like to attend, and we can work our magic.
Simply email:

So whether you are a local resident, a community group or potential provider, we hope you’ll get involved and take on Norwich’s 100 Day Challenge!