The Resilience Foundation is pleased to announce that its project for a Community Land Trust for the Norwich area has been granted Stage 1, Advice and Support funding from Locality.

There are many and various forms of C.L.T.s across the country. Brighton, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool are some examples. A C.L.T can take land and buildings into community ownership for perpetuity. It can never be sold off!

They usually focus on housing but can also develop other community resources. We look forward to working colleagues from Locality and Community Led Housing in this exciting project.

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The Resilience Foundation is a charitable incorporated organisation , Registered Charity No 1183561, whose educational purpose is to promote the public awareness and understanding of socio-ecological resilience as set out by The Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University,

Our specific focus is to see how we can use that perspective within our own locality. We have our own ideas and we would love to hear yours to see how we can help, work with you or benefit from your knowledge and experience.

We deal in the long term, longer than 5 years, longer than 25 years because resilience is not short term. It involves thinking in a way that is unlike how we are used to.
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Location: Norwich
Alternate location: Norfolk

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