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We'll support you to run our fun Space, Stuff and Skills workshop.

Space, Skills and Stuff is a tool that helps identify the resources (assets) in an area or across organisations. It provides a method to encourage connections, share resource and explore opportunities to use what is strong to address what is wrong.

Space, Skills and Stuff is delivered to invited participants and has several different approaches:

> Grass roots community approach working in collaboration with residents or organisations that are familiar with the stories, experiences and passions of the area of focus.

> Organisational or themed approach bringing together groups/organisations that wish to focus on a shared theme, issue, specialist area or project.

> Event planning approach provides an effective way for people to identify all the resource they have available amongst themselves and an easy way to allocate it when organising an event.

Stages of Space Skills and Stuff

Game: The purpose of the game is to introduce the concept of Space, Skills and Stuff and informs the connecting stage following the Discovery activity

Discovery: Identifies everyone's Space, Skills and Stuff that can be used for free or low cost. Participants write the resources they can offer on individual SSS cards. At the end of the Discovery stage each participant/organisation will have a completed set of their own Space, Skills and Stuff cards.

Connecting: The SSS cards that everyone has created can be applied to the identified purpose; this may be broken down into specific questions, tasks, or themes. The process enables people and organisations to link resources and connect with each other against an agreed purpose. The connecting process is on-going and needs to be driven by a lead organisation or person.

Space Skills and Stuff sessions can be applied in a range of ways; delivered in collaboration with local groups, organisations and residents. They have the potential to act as a catalyst to recognising what people are passionate about and triggering activity and involvement that is led by the community.

Your group will need to be in the Norwich City Council area.

Cost: Free
Availability: On-going
Location: Norwich City Council

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