Favourite Low-Budget Video Production: Visual Comms for Small Charities

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Free online training to help you understand how video can expand and enhance your organisation’s communications and develop practical skills for your productions.

This practical video production course is designed to help small charities develop the skills they need for successful video production and understand the strength of video in telling powerful human stories

You’ll get to grips with creative thinking and visual storytelling, and work through the editorial decisions that can make your video stand out and deliver its message effectively.

You’ll master how to make a low-budget production using the technology you have readily available such as smartphones. Develop practical skills to plan and structure a low-budget video production, shoot video in several different visual styles, and tackle a basic edit.

What topics will you cover?

Week 1. Understanding the medium
•The strengths of video – powerful human stories
•Potential online and offline uses of video for small charities

Week 2. Planning a production
•Editorial decision making
•The production team and resources

Week 3. Practical production skills
•Realising a range of visual styles using your phone

Week 4. Making your video count
•Editing and distribution

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