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Mental Wellbeing Workshop

  • Contact: Nicola Stroud - 07434 902796
  • Cost: Free
  • Dates: Until 31st May 2022

Stress and worry are an expectant part of everyday life, however sometimes these feelings can become overwhelming and negatively impact our wellbeing. This supportive and educational workshop will:

- Provide a deeper understanding of stress and anxiety
- Offer practical tools to challenge unhelpful thoughts
- Demonstrate simple yoga-based breathing and relaxation techniques to help take back control

This workshop will be delivered at 1st Norwich Sea Scouts, 13 Old Lakenham Hall Drive, Norwich, NR1 2NW, on
Saturday 21st May 10am-12:15pm

To book your free space, contact:
07434 902796

Please note, this free workshop is currently restricted to residents living within the Norwich City Council's boundary: