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This site can be accessed via Gertrude Road being situated off of Maltby Court. The site is within easy cycling distance of the city centre.
This medium sized allotment is ideally suited for residents of Mousehold and Sprowston Road areas. The site has one main entrance and parking facilities, as well as a good community which provide support for incoming tenants.

We also welcome applications from community groups. If your group is interested in applying for an allotment plot please contact the Allotment Team for further information before making an application.

Prices vary dependant on size of allotment and whether you are applying as a city resident, out of city resident, community group or if you are entitled to a discounted rate.

Cost: The average cost for the 2018-19 year is £41.25 for a 125 square metre plot
Availability: On-going
Location: Maltby Court

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