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  • Cost: Free
  • Availability: On-going
  • Location: Bluebell Road, Eaton, Norwich

Our location, next to the UEA. One of the best view of the Yare Valley !
A local community wildflower meadow project open to all.
Placed in the Yare valley, connecting the University to Marston marshes and Eaton park.
Supported by PlantLife and the Norfolk Wildlife Trust

A community wildflower/grassland area. Managed for the benefit of the local community and the wildlife of the Yare valley. Strawberry field has full public access.
A dry calcareous soil (pH8.5) on a steep valley slope.

We are a local community group, led by Matt Tomlinson. Started in the first lockdown, when seeing the potential in strawberry field as a future wildflower meadow the landowner was contacted and we now work together to fill this green space with nature. Creating these meadows however takes time (3-5 years).
We are supported and seek advice from two charities - PlantLife (of No Mow May fame) and the Norfolk wildlife trust.
The fields position offers a crucial link to other valuable local wildlife sites- Eaton park (the two wildflower meadows), Marston marshes and the UEA. Thus we have created a vital link for many species to expand their range and move onto to other sites.
Having full public access the field is well known by runners, dog walkers, nature lovers and hot air balloon adventurers.