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  • Cost: Free to borrow
  • Size: Large
  • Availability: On-going
  • Location: Norwich City Council, City Hall

There are two soup kettle kits available to support community meals.

Each kit for 24 people is comprised of 1 x 10 litre Soup Kettle, 2 x 12 soup bowls, 2 x 12 side plates, 1 x ladle with spoons and butter knives.

The soup kettle is a handy way to keep soup, curries etc hot you plug it in, put water in the outer section and serve up from it (or people can help themselves)

A soup kettle works by using bain marie style warming to keep food at the perfect serving temperature. To use a soup kettle, simply fill the outer container with the recommended amount of water and then place the inner container into the kettle. Add your soup, sauce or beverage to the container, close the lid and then set the desired temperature.

Please be aware that while we love sharing, this item is restricted to community groups and activities taking place in the Norwich City Council area, only.

To guarantee it's available for you AND to give us time to sort any bookings, we ask you give us at least couple of weeks notice. With more popular items the more notice, the better and this helps avoid any disappointment!