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Uploading Details

Insurance and damage to equipment



Who can become a member?

Membership is open to anyone living or working in the Norwich.

What memberships are available?

There are 3 membership options: individual, organisation and partner. You can hold more than one membership if you volunteer for different organisations and as individual members too, simply switch within your account area.

The first person to register their organisation is deemed the organisation administrator, and they retain the ability to amend your organisations account details only. 

We’ve listed the different access rights members have below:

Action Public Individual Member Organisation Member Partner Member Organisation Administrator
View share listings X X X X X
Personalise searches   X X X X
Contact sharer   X X X X
Upload SPACE     X X X
Upload STUFF     X X X
Upload SKILLS   X X X X
E-digest sign up   X X X X
View organisations referral details       X Only Partner administrators
Upload / amend Organisation details         X
Upload / amend Organisation details         X

How to become a member or upgrade your account?

Any Norwich resident can become a member. Simply click on register at the top of LUMi's home page, complete the form and press submit.  You will receive an automated email asking you to confirm your email address.

To become an organisation member you will need to register as an individual and request to upgrade your membership. 

An organisation can have multiple members:

Step 1: Click on register to become an individual member

Step 2: Once you are a registered member log on and click on 'Upgrade Account' in your account area

(You'll find your account on the drop down bar on the top right of the home screen.)

Step 3: Within your account area click on 'Upgrade Account' and choose to either:

  • Add a new organisation or
  • Join an existing organisation and choose the appropriate organisation from the drop down list

Your request to add a new organisation will be sent to LUMi's administors for approval and any requests to join an existing organisation goes directly to that organisation.

Step 4:  Once approved you can upload any shares via your account using the online forms at the bottom of the page under 'My Assets'.

Note: Only referral organisations will be granted Partner level. This level provides direct contact details to individuals within our partner organisations for easing client referrals.

Uploading Details

Can I add social media links and videos?

Yes, you can add links to both your organisation page and to any activities via the online forms. Organisations posting their listing can add links to their social media so people can follow them.

Can we add leaflets and posters?

Yes, you can upload posters & leaflets to listings; these do need to be as a pdf. But there’s a variety of free software available online, if you need help converting documents.

What activities and events can be shared on the site?

Our website has been created to make it easier to get involved in and with community life and its activities. This means there are some restrictions, for example we won’t accept listings that are purely commercial, such as a pub gig, unless there was an element of fundraising for local good causes.

Whilst we do allow individual members to upload an activities these, like all other activities must be of benefit to the community, such as a litter pick or street party. We reserve the right to remove or reject any listings from Lumi if we feel that, for whatever reason, it is inconsistent with these values.

Shares must:

  • Activities must be community focused and open to all,
  • Adhere to the Council’s Equality and Diversity policy and not infringe anti-discrimination legislation,
  • Not constitute political advertising,
  • A non-commercial activity,
  • Not be business-related, nor seek to increase business profits nor for recruit employees,
  • Not directly promote a faith or religion; however activities that are community focused and open to all are very welcome,
  • Take place at a public venue not in a person’s home,
  • Not cause offence to public taste and decency,

All listings are moderated by Lumi’s site administrators, before going live. You will be contacted should your activity be rejected with an explanation.

Can we edit information once it is live?

All shares / listings are added via online forms found in your account. You have the ability to save the form to continue later and can be edited at any time.

How do I remove a listing?

You can review all your listings within your account by looking under the appropriate theme, Space, Stuff, Skills etc. Each theme lists what you have posted; at any time for your ease you have the option to hide a specific entry. To the right of the listing we show its current status: Live or Draft and gives you the ability to 'Edit or Hide'. This allows you to quickly remove from our live site but easily reinstate an entry if needed.

How do I republish a listing?

If you have previously hidden a listing so can simply republish an item by logging into your account on viewing your list of assets you will see options to the right, simply click on 'Edit' and click 'Publish' at the bottom of the form.

When sharing venues, can it include some costs?

Some organisations may offer a space for free, or a limited number of free sessions per year which is perfect. You may possibly ask a small fee, we don't expect organisations to be out of pocket offering space. And it isn't unreasonable to recover some costs if you wish, eg caretaker to open up or for cleaning after a big event. But we do ask these remain reasonably low costs so it's affordable for small resident / community groups.

What happens when an activity is out of date?

The website is designed to display relevant and current information only. When you upload an activity you're asked for a start and finish date. For a one off event, the system automatically removes the listing from the list site once the end date is past, we do not delete your information.

For ongoing activities the system emails the organiser on the expiry date for confirmation it is still active. Relevant listings will remain live until you either hide it, or you fail to respond to the two automated emails from the system.

Insurance and damage to equipment

How is insurance managed?

Sharers are responsible to ensure they hold appropriate insurance for any listings. You will need to contact your existing insurance company as it is possible this won’t be included in your current insurance cover.

Based on what you choose to share and what level of risk you are comfortable with, you may choose not to take out additional insurance. If you choose not to, you run the risk of having to replace damaged or lost items at your own expense and / or find yourself liable for any damage or injury caused by your item.

However you can mitigate your risk by introducing some simple actions:

  • Use a hire form
  • Take a photo of the item at the time of sharing and ask your borrower do the same
  • Ask Borrower to sign the hire form as confirmation of the items condition
  • For any electrical item, ensure it is PAT tested and is listed on your certificate
  • Ensure you provide the Borrower with any safety procedures.
  • For higher risk items such as a gazebo provide clear guidance on its safe use.

Alternatively for high value goods, Sharers may deem it appropriate to request a deposit or a small hire fee.

How is broken equipment dealt with?

The agreement is between the Sharer and the Borrower. Our User Agreement outlines the responsibilities of both the Sharer and the Borrower. However it remains the Borrowers responsibility to replace any broken or damaged item. Lumi is not responsible for any damaged or broken items It is the sharers responsibility to liaise with the Borrower over this. If you are particularly concerned something will get damaged, please don't share it.

Will Borrowers who damage or steal equipment be banned?

We don't exclude a member who's broken an item, accidents happen. We do ask Sharers to feedback details of damage, thief etc. Members will be removed if there is evidence of theft. We are also exploring a member rating system to help build confidence between users.


How do we request help at an event or activity?

If you are looking for other residents to help out just tick the Helping Hand box on the online form, to add the Helping Hand icon on your activity.

Where are the volunteering opportunities shown?

The site doesn't focus on traditional volunteering (formal, regular volunteering roles); instead we are encouraging getting involved in your community, by offering your skills and interests for groups to access. If you need a little inspiration on how to help, look out for the Helping Hand icon on our activities page or better yet offer your time and skills on the Skills Share page and let the requests come to you.

For regular volunteering opportunities follow the link to Voluntary Norfolk's site in resources.

How do I sign up for the e-digest newsletter?

At the bottom of your account page is an option to sign up for our fortnightly e-digest for updates on all the latest shares, activities and events.

You have options to subscribe for updates on certain categories - just choose from the drop down lists, all updates near you in a two mile radius or all updates.
You can amend your preferences or be removed from mailings at any time.

What information is included in the e-newsletters?

Our fortnightly updates include brief details of any new shares with hyperlink back to the Lumi for further details. This means members can access:

  • Updates on any new shares, activities, events, blogs etc.
  • The opportunity to offer a helping hand or book a place
  • Print off a poster or leaflet
  • Share details with a friend

If you have any further questions, email us on: