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Search, borrow, share. Let’s find each other.


There are so many great things going on across Norwich. So we are making life easier by sharing these in one place.

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We are sharing our useful items to help people running community activities in Norwich to make life easier.

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Whether you are looking for a space to hold a meeting or run a community event, someone somewhere is offering the space.

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Discover the great skills on offer in Norwich. A skill is anything you have learnt that can be taught to another.

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Discover the organisations, groups and projects working in your area. Find out how to connect and get involved.

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Feeling inspired to do more yourself? Want to get involved in your community? We’ve provided links help.

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Helping everyone get involved in city life

Whether you’re a resident, an organisation, or a business, you can join our world of sharing. You can share your knowledge, lend your stuff or simply offer a helping hand.

Whatever it is or whatever you do, by sharing you’re helping Norwich become more vibrant and a great place to live.

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Love LUMi? Help shine the light and become a LUMinator!

The more folk share, add info or activities, the better LUMi gets.  Community life gets more accessible, and Norwich gets stronger!

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Funding info and updates

Whether you are deep in community life or just dipping your toe in the water, you probably will need funding at some point.  To those new to the world of community grants, it may seem a little daunting.

But fear not, we're here to shine a light on the mysterious world of funding.

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