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Covid-19 update:

With the situation changing on a daily basis, we understand your anxiety and confusion.  Part of reducing this, we believe, is to reflect an accurate picture of what's going on in our communities.  

Our dedicated covid-19 page has a growing range of community support and services available to help Norwich residents. We will be constantly updating this page to give you the latest picture of local help.  

Our resource area includes everything you need to know about the coronavirus, how to keep you and your family safe. How to get involved and make a difference, to guidance for groups offering community support during the outbreak 

In the meantime, people, stay safe.

Welcome to LUMi!

This is the place to find everything needed to get involved in city life. Join our exciting world of sharing and access the great community spaces and skill shares in Norwich. Not to mention all that useful stuff we have hanging around, for groups to borrow.

Plus for residents we have a wide range of great community activities and organisations for you to discover. All right on your doorstep!

Whether you're a resident, an organisation, or a business you can join our world of sharing.  You can share your knowledge, lend your stuff or simply offer a helping hand.

Whatever it is or whatever you do.  By sharing you're helping Norwich become more vibrant and a great place to live.

Finally we've created a simple guide for organisations if you need a little help to get started.