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Ok like it or not, the chances are whether you are deep in community life or just beginning to dip your toe in the water. You are probably going to need funding at some point. To those new to the world of funding and community grants getting your first couple of hundred pounds may seem a little daunting.  

But fear not. We are here at LUMi to shine a light on the mysterious world of funding.

*Latest Local Funding News*

There is a wealth of funding information available online, so we focus on the smaller local grants you may not be aware of....

Get Growing with Norfolk Gardens Trust Small Grants 

Norfolk Gardens Trust offers small grants to support school and community gardening activities and projects. They have a simple and straightforward application process. 

Grants will be made on a first come first served basis.

For more information and to apply, please email Sue Roe on:

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Community Innovation Fund:  Locality & Citywide projects

This fund looks for approaches that can encourage children and their families to have conversations about different types of jobs and think together about their skills, interests and future goals. Our intention is that more conversations take place and at an earlier age, with a focus on primary aged children and pupils in the early years of secondary school.

The Community Innovation Fund has two strands: 

  1. Locality Funding - For organisations who can deliver activities with children and their parents in target areas across Norwich to facilitate conversations about the future. Activities should encourage and support children and their families to understand different types of jobs, to have regular conversations about the world of work and to think together about skills, interests and future goals.  Providers can choose to apply to deliver activity in one (or more) of the identified target wards. Partnership bids are welcomed where working together organisations can deliver a range of opportunities that meet the individual needs of one ward. Projects are expected to be tailored to meet the needs of each local area with an understanding of local need and existing resource in place.
  2. Citywide Funding - For projects working across the city that raise awareness of the importance of having regular conversations about the world of work and encourage children and their parents to think about future goals.  We are looking for innovative approaches to facilitate these conversations. Projects could be marketing and/or technological solutions rather than direct activities with children and their families. Each project should cover at least some of the NOA target wards but can be wider.

The deadline for applications has been extended until 3rd May 2019

To find out more info about both streams follow:


Better Together Grants

This funding is for individuals or small groups to organise a community event in the Norwich area that helps prevent loneliness and social isolation.  Activities could be anything ranging from a shared meal, to a games evening or a group outing. 

Funding is availble for up to £200.

For more information contact Ameila Worley via email on:

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Norwich City Council Get Involved Grants:

Get Together Grant: If you are a small group of residents looking to have a neighbourhood meet up around an issue, canvas neighbours on joining a new community group or simply hold a street party to bring people together.

To access this fund, you do not need to be a formal community group, simply three or more residents wishing to make a difference. 

Get Started Grant: This funding is to support the growth of new groups who have identified an issue they would like to tackle in their local area. This might be setting up a youth group, a Friends group for a park, or any sort of group which brings a positive benefit to Norwich and its neighbourhoods’.

If successful your group will be awarded a £300 start-up grant for your first 12 months to help you develop your group and can cover costs.

Get Growing Grants: For groups who are awarded a Get Started grant or who were in receipt of a small community grant in 2016-17 as a new group, Get Growing grants offer follow up funding.

Groups who demonstrate that they have used their start-up funding well over their first 12-18 months are invited to apply for up to £500 to run a project which they think will bring further benefit to their local area.

Get Digital Grants: For groups aiming to reduce digital exclusion by creating projects supporting community based digital support and access.  Our Get Digital grants of up to £500 help can towards infrastructure, training, workshops or providing software and equipment costs that help residents become more digitally included.

Visit the council's website for more information on:


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Voting in Norwich is here!

Virgin Money Foundation is supporting community regeneration by backing the people who can make big changes happen locally.

Every two months the Virgin Money Lounge in Norwich gives three local charities or community groups, the chance to receive £1,000 – with awards of £500 and £250 for two runners-up. Visitors to the lounge are given a small red heart when they visit, to put into the tube named with the charity they'd most like to support.

If you know of any groups you think fit the bill and deserve to feature on the voting unit, they want to hear from them!

Follow the link on their page to apply:

Pledge Norwich

Pledge Norwich is a brand new fund from Norwich City Council which gives charities, social enterprises, residents groups and community organisations the opportunity to apply funding to support their community project.  The money comes from our community infrastructure levy funding - or Pledge Norwich as we like to call it!

Eligible projects can be awarded funding of up to 50% of the total project costs to a maximum of £5,000.  The amounts award will vary and are decided by an assessment of your application using a scoring system against set criteria.

Visit the City Council's website for detailed further information and guidelines on applying here:


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Local funders

There are a multitude of funders you can approach for a community grant. You may want to start with one of these three key funders in Norwich below. Each manages a range of funding programmes that might be of some help:   

Norfolk Community Foundation

Manages a wide range of grants for groups working across the county.

Visit Norfolk Community Foundations website

Norwich Consolidated Charities

Provides grants to individuals and local organisations.

Visit Norwich Consolidated Charities website

Norwich City Council

Provides small start-up and  development grants for groups in the city.

Visit Norwich City Councils website


Remember though, there's a wide range of funders that it could be worth trying.  Have a look at some of the links in the next section.

Helpful resources

We've included some helpful websites below, and there's some further resources / toolkits here to help get you started.  These include tips on writing an application to working with businesses.

Grants 4 Norfolk (Norfolk County Council)

Great tool for funding searches and it's free for Norfolk community groups.

The Brighton Resource Centre

Excellent website with plenty of helpful guides from planning your project, finding the right funders and preparing your budget to writing bids.

Funding Central

Funding Central provides unique access to thousands of grants, contracts and loan finance opportunities from local, national and European funding sources, all in one place. There are also a number of other tools and resources.

Funding Central does charge a subscriptions but this is free for groups with an income under £100,000.


Crowdfunding helps connect people who have great ideas. Perhaps your neighbours and friends or maybe local businesses and other likeminded people willing to help fund your project. 

It's perfect if you are trying to raise money for a single project. Especially if you want to raise awareness at the same time! You will need a good team and a significant amount of time and energy over the campaign. 

Help from a crowdfund coach is also available to support community organisations, for more see the crowdfunders coaches skill share on LUMi.

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