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Feel Good Community Hub - find your roots to wellbeing

A warm & supportive space to connect, explore & discover better wellbeing

  • Organisation: Feel Good Norfolk Ltd
  • Age groups: 18 to 25, Any age
  • 5 ways to wellbeing: Connect, Be active, Take notice, Keep learning
  • Cost: Free
  • Availability: One Saturday a month
  • Time: 2pm to 5pm
  • How to join: Booking required
  • Location: The Yoga Tree, All Saints Green, Norwich, NR1 3NB

This is a brand new initiative, funded by the National Lottery Community, for supporting individuals who, perhaps due to financial hardship, uncertainty or lack of awareness of local wellbeing options, struggle to access support through conventional means.

Our aim is to help vulnerable members of our community to explore different ways to support their wellbeing, to connect you to what feels good and to discover what services are available for you to further promote positive physical and mental health.

We are inviting those experiencing mild to moderate mental health challenges, e.g. stress, anxiety, overwhelm, loneliness, to register online for an opportunity to come along to The Yoga Tree on All Saints Green in Norwich to enjoy free nourishing food in a warm, welcoming and supportive environment. Those who feel comfortable doing so, will also have the opportunity to try out various activities such as yoga, pilates, dance, meditation & mindfulness exercises.

Some events will also include taster sessions for therapies such as reflexology & massage. Plus, workshops to learn about how to promote good health through options like positive psychology, crystals, running & connecting with nature.

You can, of course, simply enjoy community chats in the cafe, & perhaps some mindful arts & crafts if you fancy it. You can also choose whether to come for the whole event or for just part of it. Whatever feels good for you on the day.

Our intention is to help our community root down into what helps YOU feel good. We want to give you confidence to discover the individual branches you can climb to further your journey to good health.

We hope that individuals who are currently struggling and perhaps feeling the impact of current societal pressures can lean into this service and discover better wellbeing by creating their very own Feel Good Toolkit.