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Network for groups offering food provision and support services in Norwich

  • Access: for groups/orgs working to create food equality and end poverty

The Norwich Food Network was formed by Norwich City Council in 2017 to support VCSE groups and organisations who work to alleviate food poverty and food insecurity in Norwich. The Food Network offers opportunities for members to meet up and learn about what’s available, groups can get to know each other and this facilitates sharing of information and resources.

In November 2018 four of the Food Network member organisations, The Feed, Norwich Foodbank, Norwich Foodhub and FoodCycle formed the Norwich Food Alliance. Accessing funding from Sustain they worked with the Network and other partners to create a Food Poverty Action Plan for Norwich, which launched in November 2019.

Following the launch of the plan it was agreed that the Food Network would take on the delivery and development of the plan as part of it's ongoing role.

Food Provision across Norwich adapted rapidly in 2020 to respond to the Covid 19 pandemic. Organisations worked together, shared food stocks and increased and adjusted their food provision to comply with lockdown rules whilst still supporting people in need of food support. New community groups formed to help neighbours access food and services during the lockdowns.

Despite this massive and unexpected challenge many of the 2019 plan actions were achieved by the Network, including working with Nourishing Norfolk on the development and set up of Social Supermarkets in Norwich. In June 2022 the Network were able to meet up again and members began to review and further develop the actions within the 2019 plan to create a new updated edit.

The new Norwich Food Equality Plan launched on May 11th 2023 and is available on this page.

The Network welcomes new members.
If you are a part of a group that offers food support including food distribution and provision, community meals and growing of food or that offers practical support and advice to address the causes of poverty and you would like to join please email