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Evaluation & monitoring

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It's important you're able to gather evidence on the impact of your work and report back to funders. Effective evaluations will not only satisfy Funders you have spent their money well, but also pave the way to future additional funds from them.

We've found some useful guidance on the web and included a couple of toolkits on consultations, helping you to understand more about gathering evidence, your impact and gathering opinions.

Monitoring & Evaluation (The Brighton Resource Centre)

Information to help you think about your work and its effects more clearly, and how to demonstrate to the outside world that what you are doing is useful.

monitoring.pdf ()

Measuring Up (NCVO)

NCVO provides a range of useful learning on how to develop your organisations' strategy and how to assess your impact.

Reporting to a Funding (The Brighton Resource Centre)

A step-by-step guide to writing an evaluation report for a funder

reporting-to-a-funder.pdf ()

How to do Community Consultation (My Community)

First steps and top tips on community consultation. This guide has a nice brief introduction with useful links.

Listening-to-your-community-v2-150922.pdf ()

Designing and using Questionnaires (The Brighton Resource Centre)

A community group’s guide to creating and using questionnaires

questionaire.pdf ()