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Green Spaces & Environment

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With a 'growing' interest in improving our Green Spaces and improving local biodiversity, the resources below might help you along your journey.

If you are in the Norwich City Council area, don't forget you also have the Community Enabling Team to help you get started and link you up with other likeminded groups. Just email the team at

WEBSITE: Community Garden resources

The RHS have pulled together some handy resources to help kick-start your project.  From how to set up a community garden, to promoting your events and even how to use video to capture all your amazing work!

Visit their website here: Community Garden Resources

WEBSITE - Parks Community

The National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces, have relaunched their website to give you access to a wide range of  “How to” Guides and documents designed to help Friends groups understand common issues and to provide solutions.  The site has a wealth of knowledge from setting up a new group, to how to plant a wild flower meadow; an excellent resource for any green space community project!

'How To' Guides : Parks Community UK

Project Change: Climate Change Learning Resources

Our world is precious and finite. It's 'the' time to inspire hope. It's time for us to make our stand, and to take responsibility, to act; together.

Project Change is an exciting new program of climate change workshops, resources, and competitions from UEA aimed at young people and teachers. 

Check out the fantastic range of resources on offer, there's lots of different types to get involved with - from quick positive actions to full lesson plans for schools. Click through for more details and to download pdf resources and see videos.

learning resources for teachers and young people

A practical guide to setting up a community gardening project (Thrive)

This guide focuses on a group for people affected by mental ill health, but the information could also be applied to any community garden. Also includes H&S and sample risk assessments

G4L-Resource-Book.pdf ()

Calculate your environmental impact

WWF-UK’s My Footprint app is your hub for positive change. Using this app is one easy step you can make to help our planet and keep yourself motivated to make a change. 

Once you calculate your impact, you'll be able to see how you compare the world and UK average as well as understand which parts of your lifestyle contribute the most to your score. 

Download WWF's My Footprint app | WWF

How to hire a Park / Open Spaces (Norwich City Council)

Norwich is blessed with a range of beautiful parks and open spaces which make a great location for running an public event. 

To help we have produced helpful guides on how to hire a park or open space.  If you would like to apply to hire one of our parks or open spaces, download the information pack, complete the relevant booking form and risk assessment and email or post these to the events team

Parks and open spaces for hire

How to organise a litter pick

Useful things to think about when organising a litter pick.  This guideline covers the key things you'll need to consider when running a community litter pick.


Litter-picking-things-to-think-about-groups.pdf (144 KB)

How to start a community growing group

Social Farms and Gardens have gather vital information in their Resources Section to help get a community garden, allotment started. 

They have divided resources up into broad categories, including getting started  and governance plus some useful information around the health and safety elements.

Setting up a community allotment

The Wigan Growing Network provides a range of useful resources to help you get going, get your allotment group off the ground and answer some of those initial questions.  They even helpfully provide a sample constitution.

Starting a Friends of a Park Group

Establishing a friends of a park group  is a way you can make a real difference, not just to the quality of your own life, but also for your family, your friends and your neighbours. It is very rewarding to see a precious green space giving a focus to community spirit and activity, used well and enjoyed.

Produced by Green Space & Cabe Space this comprehensive toolkit helps people wanting to start or develop a community group aimed at improving local green spaces. It shows the benefits and mutual support that can be achieved by working closely in partnership with the local council.


Making-a-Difference-full.pdf (7.3 MB)