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Health & safety

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Health and safety considerations should play a part of your day to day activities. We each have a 'duty of care' to volunteers, members of the public and any staff. Basically it means protecting people against any risks to their health and safety as a result of your work. You may need to write a H&S policy and most likely write a risk assessment or two for your activities. Hopefully these links will give you a good starting point:

General Health and Safety (The Brighton Resource Centre)

This is a great introduction to health and safety for community groups run by volunteers. It includes tips and ideas for keeping people safe at your events and activities, information on how and why to write a health and safety policy and some sample policies.

Health-and-safety.pdf ()

Risk Assessments (The Brighton Resource Centre)

A simple guide to risk assessments for community groups. Whatever your group does, from organising a street party to running a community building, you have a responsibility to do what you can to make sure people don't get hurt. Doing a risk assessment can help with this. (Includes samples and template).

How-to-do-a-risk-assessment.pdf ()

Risk Assessment and Volunteers (Volunteer Now)

This is a great guide to why and how you write a risk assessment with a particular focus on volunteers. (N. Ireland based)

risk-assessment-and-volunteering-information-sheet-nl.pdf ()

Risk Assessment for a BBQ (Barton Camp)

Written by Barton Camp, a useful sample risk assessment on running a BBQ

Risk-Assessment-BBQ.pdf ()

Risk assessment for a village hall (The Health & Safety Executive)

Whether you run a village hall, community centre or other community building. This is a useful document provided by the Health & Safety Executive talks you through the process of doing a risk assessment.

villagehall.pdf ()