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Managing & recruiting volunteers

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In this section we have found some great guidance to support your organisation to recruit and retain your volunteers.

WEBSITE Volunteer Ireland

A helpful site with a wide range of resources from recruiting volunteers, inductions, volunteer agreements and motivating volunteers. To help we've also picked out a few key guides below too.

Recruitment plan for volunteers (Volunteer Now)

Useful guidance on how to recruit and select volunteers (N. Ireland based)

recruiting-volunteers-information-sheet-2.pdf ()

Occasional volunteering (Volunteer Now)

It's always great having a list of people who can help occasionally; this document gives helpful guidance on how you can continue to support them. (N. Ireland based)

occasional-volunteering-information-sheet-updated.pdf ()

Managing volunteers: a good practice guide (Citizens Information Board)

Comprehensive but easy to follow guide on working with and supporting volunteers

Managing-Volunteers-08.pdf ()

Design a volunteer recruitment poster (Volunteer Ireland)

Getting your advertising right will improve success rates of finding suitable volunteers to involve in your organisation.

Designing-a-Successful-Volunteer.pdf ()

Guide to interviewing volunteers (Volunteer Ireland)

The interview is an essential step in the volunteer screening and selection process and provides an opportunity for both the organisation and volunteer to learn more about one another. The interview is invaluable in assessing if the applicant is a good "fit" for your organisation.

Guide-to-Interviewing-Volunteers.pdf ()

Creating positive volunteer inductions (Volunteer Ireland)

An induction is a way to introduce a new volunteer to your organisation. This helps them feel part of the team and helps you make sure they have all the information they need to have a great experience. This guide is designed to help both you and your volunteers get the most out of the induction process.

Creating-Positive-Volunteer-Inductions.pdf ()

Motivating and thanking volunteers (Volunteer Ireland)

People volunteer for a multitude of reasons: to give something back to their community; to gain or improve skills; to meet new people; because they are interested in an issue or cause; or because they have some free time on their hands. Acknowledging the work that volunteers do with your organisation ensures they will stay motivated and continue to work on your behalf.

Motivating-and-Thanking-Volunteers.pdf ()

Engaging corporate volunteers in your organisation (Volunteer Ireland):

This guide outlines the best approaches to take when engaging corporate volunteers.

Engaging-Corporate-Volunteers-in-your-Nonprofit-organisation.pdf ()

10 Reasons Why your company should volunteer (Volunteer Ireland)

Interested in volunteering but not sure if it's for your company? Check out these great reasons why your company should start volunteering!

10-Great-Reasons-To-Volunteer.pdf ()