Starting a new group

If you are starting a new group, there is so much to think about you may feel you're sinking. But spending valuable time getting the right structures and processes in place will make life much easier in the long run. Here's some help to get started.

Not for profit organisations (The Brighton Resource Centre)

A brief guide to legal structures for not-for-profit organisations

not4prof.pdf (134 KB)

Legal Structures (The Brighton Resource Centre)

Finding a legal structure to suit your group. This guidance looks at legal structures suitable for community organisations, ranging from small neighbourhood groups run by local people to
larger voluntary agencies with staff.

legal-structures.pdf (138 KB)

Quick Guide: Get Legal: Choosing a legal structure (Devon Voluntary Action)

Brief bullet pointed overview of different legal structures with links.

Get-Legal-Quick-Guide.pdf (364 KB)

Full Guide: Get Legal: Choosing a legal structure, (Devon Voluntary Action)

Easy to follow guide and explanation of organisations and structures to choose from includes advice, information and specific links.

Get-Legal-Full-Guide.pdf (390 KB)

Charity Registration (The Brighton Resource Centre)

This information sheet aims to give some guidance as to whether your group should register as a charity. It is intended mainly for smaller community groups although the information is equally relevant to larger organisations in the voluntary sector.

Charity Registration (The Charity Commission)

A full guide on how to register with the Charity Commission as a charity. Your structure will determine how and when you should register.

The Charity Commission

Models, templates and guidance for constitutions, articles of association and trust deeds for a new charity or charitable trust

Involving people in your group (The Brighton Resource Centre)

How do you get lots of people along to your meetings and events? How do you make sure that more than a handful of you are doing the bulk of the work? These are difficult questions for every group, and there are no quick fixes or easy answers.

Involving-people.pdf (105 KB)