Covid-19 Update:

With so much uncertainty and anxiety rife especially across social media, it's heart warming to see Norwich residents responding with offers of help and support.

Some key organisations and groups, such as Foodbanks, are highly dependent on volunteers to keep their services going. If a number of volunteers fall ill or are self-isolating, these organisations may be in need of extra volunteers to keep services going or to make home deliveries if centres are shut

If you are looking to offer your time and skills to help support local residents we'd encourage you to link up with Voluntary Norfolk's volunteer portal. 

Thank you for being awesome!

Discover the great skills on offer in Norwich. A skill is anything you have learnt that can be taught to another. This could be fun and informal like face painting or knitting or professional skills such as web design or personal training.  Chances are somebody is offering to give a little of their time to help your community.

This is a great way to get more involved in your community. Why don’t you consider what you could offer? An extra pair of hands helping for just an hour can make all the difference.      



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