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  • Cost: Free to borrow
  • Size: Small
  • Availability: On-going
  • Location: Norwich City Council, City Hall, St Peters Street

This medium sized plastic crate contains some useful items to get a play street up and running. If you borrow this you'll receive: two 'ROAD CLOSED' signs with bungee straps to secure them, volunteer vests, skipping ropes, street chalks and bunting.

Creating a play street is a great way to expand the space in your neighbourhood where your children can play, as well as offering an opportunities to meet your neighbours and feel more connected to your local community. If you would like to start a play street it is well worth contacting the Community Enabling Team for support and advice on:

If you are looking to close a road to run a play street or for any other reason you will need permission. You can find details on how to apply to close a road either on a one-off occasion or regularly each week or month here:

There are also further resources to support you in setting up a play street in the Related Downloads section of this page. If you need help towards the cost of running a street play don't forget to check out the council's Get Involved Grants:

There is also plenty more information you can receive by visiting: