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Pro All Surface Swingball® is perfect for older children and adults who want a greater challenge.

Pro Swingball® comes with the All Surface™ base which allows you to place anywhere on any surface. Simply fill the base with sand or water and then you are ready to go. The All Surface base converts to become a handy carry case to pack everything away making it easy to take where ever you go.

• Steel Tube Design for Durability
• Height Adjustable up to 1.8 Meters
• Power Play Spiral Top
• Real Tennis Ball, resulting in longer games.
• Thicker Power Bats with Non Slip Grips allow players to hit the ball harder.
• Convenient Bat Holder
• Deeper, Bigger Pro Base Offers Greater Stability
• Handy Carry Case
• 6 Years +

Size: Small (can be easily carried by one person)
Cost: Free to borrow
Availability: On-going
Location: Norwich City Council, City Hall, St Peters Street

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