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I can't serve beer, but I can still serve my community

Life's changed in unimaginable ways. But acts of kindness, big and small lift us each day. One great example, is The Garden House Pub and its Landlords Jonathon and Tanya Child.

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We should and are, incredibly proud of how Norwich residents are responding and supporting each other during Covid.

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As we saw the last ‘normal’ weekend before lockdown kicked in. A few neighbours invited folk in their 2 street cul-de-sac, to join a WhatsApp group ahead of Covid's impact.

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A community response to loneliness during Covid. Part 2: Kids Matter

One of the most common misconceptions about loneliness, is you have to on your own to feel lonely. Many people feel lonely in a relationship or while spending time with family.

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Over the next few days we will be sharing a few beautiful samples on how Norwich's communities have come together during unknown times, where neighbours helping neighbours have become friends.

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Small beginings

From small beginnings come great things

Last year Norwich City Council awarded just £300 from their Get Started Grant to help set up a new community group: The Bridge Social Group.

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Passon led us here

Unravelling the Mystery of Community Assets

We’ve had a number of conversations with folk lately about community assets, and thought it might be a timely opportunity to help clear up the mystery around them.

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The Power of Community

This week we thought, what better way to kick start the week, than celebrating our fantastic grassroots community groups here in Norwich.  So I met up with Craft n Laugh organiser Emma Carrgilson to see how she goes the extra mile supporting residents and building community in Mile Cross.   

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Creating note-worthy volunteering opportunities

Making small changes to your volunteer offer can be time well spent.

It’s fair to say there’s likely to be as many different reasons why people find volunteering rewarding as there are volunteers. Research into what people love about volunteering often shows that the social aspects rank highly alongside things like wanting to make a difference and learn something new.

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Kate at Baseline

Digital skills and access for all

The world is changing all around us and technology is more central to that than ever before.  Find out how Norwich is developing Digital Hubs across the city, where people can go online and get support for free.

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Wensum sports centre sports hall

Masters of our own future

How passionate residents fought for and saved their sports centre

Travel back to 2010 and you will find Wensum Sports Centre Norwich, tired run down and under threat of closure. That was until local resident Doug Poynton came upon it....

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